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Trying to be more visible
Health or Sick (House)
I haven't been posting as much on here in the past year about my personal life, aside from some piped Twitter updates. Part of that is because much of my life is my job nowadays, and I'm not always comfortable talking about work details in a public forum (and while I use filters now and then, I've found that when I have to start locking things down, I just end up talking to people directly). Another part is that I don't often boot up my laptop at home anymore, when I have free time. However, talking to some podcasters at Dragon*Con about airing their personal lives (George Hran, Soccergirl, JC Hutchins and Evo Terra, specifically), I decided that I do want to get back in the habit of writing about my life. It's a stress relief that I enjoy, and it helps me to look back on my life and have some perspective. I've had this LJ for five-is years, and I still find it has utility.

One of the things that this blog has caused is a sense of quasi-celebrity that has only increased since I started work at WW. I've never quite gotten used to people coming up to me who now who I am and what I do without me knowing them at all. However, I realized that I am becoming more used to it: it's something I can anticipate and roll with easier than I could a year ago. I think my retreat from my LJ was a response to my initial disquiet, but it's time to get back on the horse.

Just something bouncing around in my head today as I sit at he sick today, playing with my iPhone and feeling disappointed and frustrated with people.

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Sorry that you are under the weather, sweetheart. Hope you get feeling better soon.

hugs and kisses cheek

I can imagine that would be an odd thing to get used to. I mean, I watched Phil deal with it constantly and it always kinda surprised me how at ease he was with it. I never think I could be really.

Regardless, I am glad to kinda know ya (and desperately want to see you again!) and I am pretty sure you're going to be fine. You are amazingly cool people.

Much love.

Well, Phil's probably got many more years of experience in doing it than I do. He's also an extrovert, which I'm sure helps. Still, I think I can come to terms with it.

And I agree -- we need to find a con sometime when we can hang out again!

Oh, very much so...and you have always been the quiet, charming one...with a wonderful smile and amazing hair. winks

May I ask for digits?

Sure thing. Email me at eddy (dot) webb (at) gmail (dot) com, and I'll give them to you.

Dude, anytime I can be an inspiration for someone, it's a fine day. :)


Glad I can make your day a little more awesome. ;)

hey, speaking of job stuffs - are you headed to Austin GDC at all?

No, I'm not slated for that, though Kelley and a fair number of the MMO guys are.

Bummed not to see you there, will try to connect with Kelley. :)

Hey Eddy,

I'm humbled and honored that you attended the Dragon*Con panel featuring me, Soccergirl, Geo and Evo -- and I'm thrilled that it inspired you to share a bit more of yourself with your readers. Thanks so much for shout-out!


Hey, thanks for taking time out of your Dragon*Con to talk to people, and for continuing to put out quality fiction for us to all get hooked on! :)

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